Pics or it Didn’t Happen: Butterscotch Pie

Zach Bell, Yale University

I made a butterscotch pie using the standard egg custard as the base and adding brown sugar and butter, the base ingredients of butterscotch flavor. The egg custard flavor was immediately evident, so I did not get the “Hershey’s” style butterscotch, the cloying, saccharine, sticky butterscotch. Instead, the butterscotch flavor emerged from the background, more of a rich aftertaste than an anvil of flavor falling from the sky.

More whisk pictures… I think whisks are a beautiful cooking implement to photograph.

Since the egg custard did not need baking, I had to fully pre-bake the crust. I ran into some issues with shrinking and cracking. Next time, I’ll try refrigerating the crust instead of freezing it for twenty minutes. Maybe the crust was too cold and the rapid temperature change caused it to expand and crack.

This was a very khaki pie: tan dough and tan butterscotch. It was sand colored, but fortunately tasted much better than ground up beach silica.

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One response to “Pics or it Didn’t Happen: Butterscotch Pie

  1. The pie still looked great.

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