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Triathloning: The Protein Fetish

In my last triathloning column, I talked about the stasis of swimming.

During my marathon preparation, I abandoned weight lifting for six weeks. This was not my wisest decision, since I proceeded to lose all my (already negligible) muscle mass. Unlike aerobic activities like running—and now, swimming—which I enjoy, I hate the exhausting pain of weight lifting. In order to perform well in my upcoming triathlon, however, I need to build a functional base of  strength. Besides the constant, low-level muscular exertion of swimming, I started using a few free weights, too. Beginning back at the little dumbbells feels a little disheartening—but I’ve learned a little patience over the last semester. Not surprisingly, I crave meat and high-protein foods constantly—eating animals indeed. Weight lifting calls for increased protein intake, because all those microscopically torn muscles require repair. Continue reading

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Marathoning: Eat More Like Endurance Athletes, Less Like Students

In my last Marathoning column, I discussed eating through injuries.

College students punish their bodies: late nights, grueling parties, marathon study sessions—and all fueled on an inadequate diet. Bud Light and Doritos is not, contrary to popular opinion, the best way to get your vitamins and minerals. Cold cereal, peanut butter, buffets of free doughnuts? Again, a less than ideal regimen for scholarly success. Even if you live far from the comforts of Mom’s kitchen, grinding away on a tight budget and without adequate kitchen facilities, it’s possible to dine well in college. Students need sustained energy, so eating like an endurance athlete helps keep the good times rolling in good shape. Continue reading

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