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Marathoning: Eating for Sustainable Energy

In my last Marathoning column, I shared my Columbia diet.

At dinner the night before an 18 mile run, a friend and fellow runner asked me, “what do you eat just before you run and what do you eat right after?” Ironically, we were at What Happens When chowing down on some decidedly non-runner friendly foods. (Sour cream tart, anyone?) I do my best, however, to eat for sustainable energy before and after running. Finding a mix of carbohydrates and protein that provide consistent fuel and maximal recovery is mission critical—the “before” goal is to make it through the run without fading, the “after” goal is to minimize soreness. Continue reading


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Marathoning: Eat More Like Endurance Athletes, Less Like Students

In my last Marathoning column, I discussed eating through injuries.

College students punish their bodies: late nights, grueling parties, marathon study sessions—and all fueled on an inadequate diet. Bud Light and Doritos is not, contrary to popular opinion, the best way to get your vitamins and minerals. Cold cereal, peanut butter, buffets of free doughnuts? Again, a less than ideal regimen for scholarly success. Even if you live far from the comforts of Mom’s kitchen, grinding away on a tight budget and without adequate kitchen facilities, it’s possible to dine well in college. Students need sustained energy, so eating like an endurance athlete helps keep the good times rolling in good shape. Continue reading

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