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Best Of UDelaware’s Happy Hour

Erica C, University of Delaware

With Spring break approaching and the end of senior year coming right after, students are finding excuses to hit happy hour more often than usual. While most seniors have tried out Sante Fe Grill, a prime happy hour spot on Main Street- it’s time to get creative and sample some of the other superior options.

Whether you’re more into margaritas or dying for some Dogfish Head bear, students are lucky enough to have a variety of options close by and of course, everyday of the week.

Here are some of the best happy hour options: Continue reading

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Jameson and Turkey Legs

“We’ve got Jameson and turkey legs!” More familiar at a Renaissance fair than an athletic event, the cries of vendors hawking meat and moonshine entice early finishers—a bonnie brunch indeed for the fastest (and slowest) runners completing St. Louis’ 2011 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Run. Continue reading


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Making Choices in the Main Street Coffee Mecca

Erica C., University of Delaware

When I first got to the University of Delaware as a freshman, there were really only a few coffee options, but as Main Street has expanded, students now have a plethora of choices for their early morning routine. We all make different calls depending on a few criteria: 1) How much caffeine we need (go Starbucks!) 2) How much we love our specialty drinks 3) price and 4) Off Campus Meal Plans. Continue reading

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Espresso Expeditions: Fight Grumpy with Grumpy

Lorenzo L., Columbia University


While I realize that the vast majority of college students are only familiar with espresso beverages as a study aide (the classy alternative to Red Bull), for the passionate – the “espressohead” – a good, lovingly brewed cappuccino can erase an entire week of stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation.  No, it isn’t a miracle drug; but good espresso is nourishing, uniquely tasty, and oftentimes a form of expression.

Additionally, I would argue that coffee is a social lubricant: the alcohol of the daytime. Coffee houses bring neighborhoods, lovers, friends, and families together to share space, stories, and warm beverages.

It is unfortunate that the Morningside Heights has such a shortage of decent coffee shops, although if the new Joe is any indication, the tide may be turning.  Hungarian Pastry Shop offers atmosphere but little in terms of quality coffee, Community serves a terrific latte but is clearly a restaurant (and a pricey one at that!) and Oren’s is only ideologically superior to Starbucks. But let this not deter you, brave Columbia students! There is a brave new world of caffeinated socializations and cozy study areas out there!

Every other week I will be reporting on the newly thriving independent coffee scene of New York City, and recommending locations based on their qualities as a student destination and as a purveyor of innovative, quality espresso.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Espresso Expeditions: Fight Grumpy with Grumpy

When I emerged from the subway into the bright but cold Manhattan February, the light hurt my eyes, the wind stung my cheeks.  Why on earth did I decide to go all the way to Chelsea for a cup of coffee? Continue reading


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Chocolate: Breaking the Bank for a Good Cause

Caleb P., New England Conservatory


In previous posts, this blog has mentioned many excellent restaurants that deliver satisfying food while still keeping prices low. In today’s economy, students should be prudent and save money wherever they can—except, that is, when a certain restaurant serves food so exceptional, so well-presented, and so mind-engaging that to not experience it once would be a truly poor use of funds. L.A. Burdick, a chocolate boutique in Harvard Square, is such an example. Continue reading

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Big Changes For The College Critic

As another school year rapidly approaches, big changes are coming to The College Critic. For example, I’ll have substantially less time to cook, but I’ll also be back on the New York restaurant beat. With new spots sprouting up all over Morningside Heights and Harlem, the next few months will prove. . .interesting, if not exhilarating and downright combative. But besides the annual evolutions of my personal culinary life, The College Critic will be adopting a new format for a new year. We’re going big. We’re going national.

Employing around a dozen correspondents at campuses across the country, The College Critic will be providing information on the restaurants, stores, dishes, and drinks that make your college campus tick. Every week, we’ll offer new restaurant reviews, interviews, and testimonials from college students. From Duke to Princeton, Washington University to Wellesley, The College Critic is coming to a college near you. Never dine without info again.

Maybe you’re the expert on your college dining scene. You’re the go-to-guy (or gal) on cafeteria deals, cheap eats, and  parent appropriate dinner choices. Or maybe you happen to have something to say about food on your campus, in your college town, or in your big city. Contributing to The College Critic is easy: simply email us at thecollegecritic@gmail.com. Required time and effort: minimal. Contribution to your college community: questionable, but probably significant. Best of all, we already reach a national and international audience, so this is a chance to get your voice heard. Love the Burger King up the block because they always give you an extra patty? Think the best fine dining restaurant in American is up the street from UC Berkeley?  Let us, your friends, and thousands of other college students know.

The College Critic is about to make a major mark on campus dining; no longer must we stand by and accept mediocre food, waste money on overpriced cafés, or suffer another poorly prepared coffee. Join us and the other college critics. Because there’s not just dorm food anymore.

-The College Critic(s)



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