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Osteria Morini and Casual-Formal Dining: The Popular Kids Love It

On a Tuesday night, Osteria Morini is a madhouse. Boisterous parties of well-heeled New Yorkers crowd into the restaurant’s every corner, overflowing over the bar and into a deceptively deep dining room. The restaurant seems to swell with the collective flesh crammed into its crevices, threatening to burst onto Prince Street. Not surprisingly, Michael White’s latest project has proved popular; just how popular is a bit shocking. Osteria Morini now poses one of New York’s greatest reservation challenges; opening week, the gatekeepers turned away around 250 guests at the door. Luckily, one of my gracious friends in “the industry” (a brief aside: if another anxious waitress asks me whether I’m in “the industry,” I think I’m going to snap) managed to secure a reservation, for five no less. In such a large group, I sampled an impressive range of the menu in one sitting. As expected from a Michael White restaurant, the food feels joyful, candid, and free from manipulation. Served in such a sincerely kitschy setting, the fare attracts both the hip and the seeking-hipness. Still, Osteria Morini never devolves into an unpleasant exercise in New York restaurant cool; instead, it is a place to enjoy the company of friends, preferably those with whom little idle conversation is necessary—the acoustic effect of Osteria Morini is best described as riotous. Continue reading


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Soul on Cuban Bread: Soul de Cubano

Zach B., Yale University

Billing itself as “Cuban cuisine and more,” Soul de Cuba Café has a tall order to fill. In its name, the restaurant claims to embody the soul of Cuba. I had to find out if the food backs up the name.


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Tour de Hamdel: The Undergrad-uate Edition

Lost on the Tour de Hamdel? Click here to find out more. Last time I had the Nuts & Bolts.

The Undergrad—lean hot corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, onions, and mustard on a toasted hero—seduced me. Continue reading

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El Norteño Offers No Reason For Return

Nathan S., Macalester College

The field assignment for my Regional Geography of Latin America class was to investigate vibrant Latin American immigrant communities in the Twin Cities. Out of the twelve possible sites, I chose the closest one to campus: El Norteño, a Mexican restaurant about a 20 minute bike ride from Macalester. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, my friend and I hopped on our bikes and set off across the Mississippi River and into Minneapolis. Continue reading

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A Wellesley Tradition

Joy D., Wellesley College

Lemon Thai is not on the list of “50 Things to Do Before You Graduate”, but that’s only because you don’t have to try to get Lemon Thai take-out; it will inevitably come to you. This may be shocking news, but sometimes a college student gets hungry after 10pm. Sometimes, she gets tired of dining hall food, and sometimes, she just craves take-out. Whether it is an evening meeting, a party, or a late night in general, after the halls close Wellesley students know the number to call.

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A Bagel to Finagle For

Josh B., University of Virginia

As a person of the Jewish faith more than acquainted with my religion’s brunch cuisine, I do not take the consumption of bagels lightly.  In fact, it took an entire semester last year before building up the courage to enter Bodo’s Bagels on the Corner and ordering a single everything bagel for 70 cents. I remember biting into that bagel and instantly regretting two things: waiting an entire semester to try Bodo’s…and only ordering one bagel. Continue reading

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India Palace: Hidden on Howe St.

Zach B., Yale University

In New Haven, Indian restaurants abound, offering lunch buffets and dinner specials attempting to entice Yale students and city residents. At first glance, these restaurants seem interchangeable, none distinguished from the others. A few blocks off Yale’s campus near Chapel and Howe St., restaurants cluster, trying to attract attention and customers. Around this area, I noticed that one restaurant, India Palace, offers an all you can eat lunch buffet for ten dollars, so I decided to check it out.

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