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Breaking Up With Community Food and Juice

by Andrew Luzmore, Cornell University

The beginnings of relationships are always great. Every action they make is performed with the utmost of grace and charm and you eagerly await the next time you can see them. They can do no wrong in your eyes.

Then things start to change; the honeymoon period inevitably comes to an end. Their unique quirks that you once found so endearing seem less so, and begin to cause irritation. You try to convince yourself that they are just having an “off day,” but the reality of the deteriorating situation begins to set in. Things are different. You long to go back to that time when everything was fresh and exciting, but those days are over.

Community Food and Juice, I think it’s time that you and I start to see other people. Continue reading

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Fries: Step Aside Burgers, I’m the Main Event

Jonathan M., Dartmouth College

Fries, when properly prepared, are sinfully delicious; when not, disastrous. On stressful days ridden with copious exams and papers, I have a good excuse for treating myself to this comfort food, and the fries I purchase must be nothing short of perfection. If I am going to treat myself to some comfort food that is going to be “one moment on the lips and forever in the hips,” as my friend Fischer Yan once wisely said, it ought to be good; otherwise it would be nothing but empty calories! With this serious dilemma of finding the perfect fries on Dartmouth campus, I set out on my search and evaluated every fry each dining hall had to offer. Continue reading


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Born in a Small Town: Molly’s Restaurant and Bar

Melissa A., Dartmouth College

In a small town called Hanover in rural New Hampshire, Dartmouth’s off-campus dining options may seem hopelessly limited.  This cozy little town, however, has enough off-campus dining locations to satisfy a Dartmouth student’s desire to break away from the usual dining halls. A frequented favorite of Dartmouth students, families, and Hanover locals is Molly’s Restaurant and Bar. Molly’s Restaurant and Bar prides itself on being a Dartmouth College tradition, and its atmosphere surely shows it with its Ivy League memorabilia and local sports photos and artifacts. The restaurant also seems to play the role of the unofficial Hanover Historical Museum. Continue reading

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Melissa A., Dartmouth College

As more than half of my first term at Dartmouth has passed by, I have become more familiar with the different dining locations on campus. Less of an inexperienced college freshman now, I can navigate the Dartmouth Dining Services with more confidence. Having explored the campus culinary world some more, one of my favorite places to eat would have to be Homeplate, located on the south side of Thayer Dining Hall.

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No Lack of Choice at Collis Café

Melissa A., Dartmouth College

Orientation has finally come to an end, which means that the seemingly ceaseless parade of free food events has also concluded. This, of course, led me to transition from Medlife organization meals and Ultimate Frisbee team dinners to the actual dining halls on campus. Over the past few of days, I have grown to frequent Collis Café, the dining location that lays in the heart of one of the biggest hot spots on campus, the Collis Center. With its wide variety of options, charismatic staff, and fantastic service, Collis Café attracts hordes of students. Continue reading

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