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On Eating Alone

Andrew Luzmore, Cornell University

Feeding oneself is a topic that often stirs anxiety among college students. For many, it is a question of what they will eat. Will there be a vegetarian option? They expect me to eat that? However, for most it is a question of with whom. Logistically speaking, we college students tend to eat 3-4 meals a day and taking into account varying schedules and the limited Rolodex of potential dining companions a first-semester freshman can have, chances are every now and then you’re going to be eating some of your meals alone. Continue reading

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Windsor Gives Purdue Dining International Flair

Ronit P., Purdue University

The adventurous are those who step out of their comfort zone. Eating should be about adventure. People can’t truly judge food unless they venture into the culinary unknown. Enter Windsor – the most underrated dining court on Purdue’s campus.

Windsor gained notoriety for serving an eclectic variety of foods which never fail to turn heads. Most naysayers shoot the court down because it serves a wide variety of international and vegetarian delicacies. Apart from its trademark international cuisine, however, Windsor also serves local foods like fries and burgers; this aspect is  overlooked by most students. Continue reading

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Earhart’s Monotonous Options Earn a Second Place Finish

Ronit P., Purdue University

Named after the gutsy aviatrix Amelia Earhart, Earhart dining court is located at the center of all the south campus residence halls. The court regularly attracts flocks of students due to its proximity to the residence hall and eclectic variety of food. Continue reading

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Colorado State University a Top 10 Most Vegan-Friendly College

Jess C., Colorado State University

At 10 years old, I remember looking down at my lunch tray at Reed Elementary School and rethinking the food I was about to consume. I saw the hot dog before me and for the first time in a while, I really considered what this product consisted of. Factory-farmed, cruelly tortured, sustained inhumanely, and then brutally slaughtered animals, I realized, went into a lot of what I put into my body. This hit me, and it hit me hard. And so I vowed to go vegetarian, casting all animal flesh out of my proverbial “lunch tray.” This lasted on and off for around a month. I gave up, a defeated 4th grader.


It wasn’t until two years later that I actually did my research, watched several documentaries, read up on factory farming, and made the informed and firm life choice to completely switch to vegetarianism. I told my mom that I, Jess, at age 12, was trying again. And it stuck! I have yet to eat meat or wear animal by-products since taking that vow. I’m very proud of myself, for now, at almost age 20, I can still call myself a proud vegetarian.


I am, so far, the only vegetarian voice on the College Critic, and I have something to quite proudly declare: MY place of higher education, Colorado State University, has just been voted #7 in Peta2’s Top Ten Most Vegan-Friendly Colleges of 2010! I’m thrilled. You can see the blurb about CSU and why we’re a rockin’ vegan place to be here. Continue reading

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Calamari and Convenience

Joy D., Wellesley College
At first, I avoided the Lulu, because as the self-named center of campus life, the Lulu Wang Campus Center also served as the center of Orientation life. Why do I go to the Lulu now then? It’s close to the Academic Quad. After exploring the other dining halls, first-years at Wellesley College realize that students pack into the Lulu during lunch hour for convenience. Continue reading

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No Lack of Choice at Collis Café

Melissa A., Dartmouth College

Orientation has finally come to an end, which means that the seemingly ceaseless parade of free food events has also concluded. This, of course, led me to transition from Medlife organization meals and Ultimate Frisbee team dinners to the actual dining halls on campus. Over the past few of days, I have grown to frequent Collis Café, the dining location that lays in the heart of one of the biggest hot spots on campus, the Collis Center. With its wide variety of options, charismatic staff, and fantastic service, Collis Café attracts hordes of students. Continue reading

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Sherman Serves Quantity, Not Quality

Daniel B., Brandeis University

In terms of food, Sherman Dining Hall at Brandeis University seems designed for those few predestined to be human garbage disposals– one can have an obscenely large meal lasting the course of an entire day in this buffet style eatery, with the sole catch being that most of the food they consume should probably be shoved into an actual trash can immediately. In all fairness, most of the food could be described as “edible.” Continue reading

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