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Seven Things To Eat In New York City Over Spring Break

With spring break looming over the horizon—for Columbia students, all mayhem commences tomorrow—I’ve received a number of queries along similar lines:

“I’m going to be in New York over spring break. Where should I eat?”  Continue reading


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Espresso Expeditions: More Good Coffee in the LES

Lorenzo L., Columbia University

Don’t remember me? Read the intro to this recurring segment.

It has been a while since last documenting my caffeinated wanderings, but I return from a far distant urban jungle bearing the good news of carefully crafted warm beverages. One of my favorite Manhattan neighborhoods (if I’m allowed to have favorite neighborhoods as a mere college student?) is the Bowery, and I try to get down around East 4th whenever I can. The narrow region is eclectic, diverse, and very alive, a place where trendy and workaday can sit side by side, with awesomeness squeezed in between. But recently I have been venturing further east into the similarly charming Lower East Side, and have been rewarded by spots with espresso enthusiasts ranging from the friendly to the fanatical (or both!). Continue reading

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Espresso Expeditions: A Study Kaffe?

Lorenzo L., Columbia University

Don’t know what I’m blathering about? Read the intro to this recurring segment. As spring break continues to fade into the past and April begins to invade our present, we, as responsible Northeastern college students have only one thing on our mind: summer FINALS.  So, if those final papers begin to draw nigh and your reading remains resolutely unfinished, or if (God-forbid) you are working on your thesis, get your quality artisan coffee in a place that caters to your cram-related needs: Kaffe 1668. Continue reading

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Espresso Expeditions: Fight Grumpy with Grumpy

Lorenzo L., Columbia University


While I realize that the vast majority of college students are only familiar with espresso beverages as a study aide (the classy alternative to Red Bull), for the passionate – the “espressohead” – a good, lovingly brewed cappuccino can erase an entire week of stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation.  No, it isn’t a miracle drug; but good espresso is nourishing, uniquely tasty, and oftentimes a form of expression.

Additionally, I would argue that coffee is a social lubricant: the alcohol of the daytime. Coffee houses bring neighborhoods, lovers, friends, and families together to share space, stories, and warm beverages.

It is unfortunate that the Morningside Heights has such a shortage of decent coffee shops, although if the new Joe is any indication, the tide may be turning.  Hungarian Pastry Shop offers atmosphere but little in terms of quality coffee, Community serves a terrific latte but is clearly a restaurant (and a pricey one at that!) and Oren’s is only ideologically superior to Starbucks. But let this not deter you, brave Columbia students! There is a brave new world of caffeinated socializations and cozy study areas out there!

Every other week I will be reporting on the newly thriving independent coffee scene of New York City, and recommending locations based on their qualities as a student destination and as a purveyor of innovative, quality espresso.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Espresso Expeditions: Fight Grumpy with Grumpy

When I emerged from the subway into the bright but cold Manhattan February, the light hurt my eyes, the wind stung my cheeks.  Why on earth did I decide to go all the way to Chelsea for a cup of coffee? Continue reading


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Looking for Coffee and Finding Picasso

In Barcelona, my brother and I visited the Museu Picasso, a well executed collection of Picasso’s earlier works (spanning his student, blue and rose years) and some later works (including ceramics). According to the Museum, Picasso spent a considerable amount of time during his formative years in Barcelona, frequenting a cafe called “Els Quatre Gats.” Wandering among the labyrinthian streets of the Barri Gotic, we stumbled across a cafe called “4 Gats.” We wondered if this could be the same night haunt of Picasso.

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