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Comic-Con for Food Geeks

No costumes, unless you count chef’s coats; no comic books, unless you count the pamphlets filled with glossy food porn. But at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show, food enthusiasts join together in a loveable geekdom that rivals Comic-Con. While many of these food enthusiasts come for the infinite bounty of free samples, the show provides an intimate (and sometimes shocking) look into the food service industry. Continue reading

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Sampling “Salad” Sandwiches at J&B Deli

Zach B., Yale University

Growing up Jewish, deli food was a staple in my house. From pastrami to tuna salad, cold cuts and various “salad” sandwiches always found their way into my lunch bag. Coming to New Haven, I found that this city does not have nearly as rich of a deli heritage as say New York, but I have found a place where I can get my fix.

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Windsor Gives Purdue Dining International Flair

Ronit P., Purdue University

The adventurous are those who step out of their comfort zone. Eating should be about adventure. People can’t truly judge food unless they venture into the culinary unknown. Enter Windsor – the most underrated dining court on Purdue’s campus.

Windsor gained notoriety for serving an eclectic variety of foods which never fail to turn heads. Most naysayers shoot the court down because it serves a wide variety of international and vegetarian delicacies. Apart from its trademark international cuisine, however, Windsor also serves local foods like fries and burgers; this aspect is  overlooked by most students. Continue reading

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Warique Peruvian Kitchen Coming to Morningside

Where Noche Mexicana once entertained students with well-crafted Mexican fare, Warique Peruvian Kitchen is opening My Upperwest reports. Continue reading


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Parking the Only Downside to Parc Restaurant

Erica C., University of Delaware

With Philadelphia only 45 minutes away, it has always shocked me how little I hear of students driving in for a meal. It seems as though going out to eat in Philly has become a special occasion retreat for University of Delaware students, and special occasions only. I must admit that I fall into this trap as well, only taking the trip only a few times a semester. Finally though, I have found a reason to keep going back- Parc Restaurant. This Valentines Day, the meal I enjoyed there on Rittenhouse Square may just push me to change my attitude and stop by more often. Continue reading

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Imaginary and Real, the Restaurant and the Domestic: An Evening at New York Bite Club

Although I grew up during the information revolution, the Internet always scared me— interacting with strangers in shadowy electronic alleys still feels dangerous and lurid. In order to learn more about the insular New York City dining scene though, I needed to join a community of knowledgeable food lovers. Mouthfuls, a food forum, unites a group of bloggers, chefs, food professionals, and food enthusiasts. There, pseudo/semi-anonymous posters argue about the best and worst of New York eating, chastising professional restaurant critics and ignorant amateurs alike. Although minor controversies have marked my time on—of particular interest, a fight over my Lotus of Siam soft-opening report—discussing the food world with my compatriots has altered my outlook on food writing. Continue reading

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Quick and Cheap Food: It Takes a Thai Village

Marc P., Princeton University

On Nassau Street, east of the Garden Theater and due north from Cloister lies a cluster of three restaurants, one of which is named Thai Village. The restaurant itself is  unassuming, and the décor is  what we’ve come to expect from Asian restaurants on this side of the Pacific. In any case, I was impressed by the wide variety of dishes available on the menu, from curries to noodles to rice dishes all combined with assorted meats. Continue reading

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