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Chicken Stewed In Butter

Thomas Keller poaches lobsters in butter, so I figured I could do the same with a chicken. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a gallon of melted butter, so I cheated with a little stock. It’s imperative that you use a high quality butter—Land O’Lakes isn’t going to cut it, if only because it lacks a really pure ‘butter’ flavor. I used a cultured, European style butter. The extra buck or two pays off—with a lighter wallet, you can look forward to a rich, comforting pot of chicken lovin’. Continue reading

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Sinfully Delicious Pancake Therapy

by Jonathan May

Clinton St. Baking Company is a haven for your taste buds located on the Lower East Side, where good conversation brews and sinfully delicious food soothes your soul. Its seating is comfortable enough that you and your friends can catch up on each other’s lives, and yet intimate enough that you can eavesdrop on the table next to you and find out the city’s latest scandalous gossips. It is imperative that you refuse the menu and demand the Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter as soon as you set foot in this luncheon hotspot, for it would be nothing but a crime to keep anyone from those pancakes for even one extra second. Continue reading

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Chez Leon: An All-Inclusive French Cuisine Resort in Clayton

by Netta Sadovsky, Washington University

Chez Leon, a spacious French restaurant in Clayton, has a constructed sort of comfort, like a spa. I felt oddly welcome, whether securing a reservation from a man with a sultry, radio-ready voice or leaving to a warm “please come again” from several members of the staff as they lifted their drinks in my direction from the bar. Over the course of the meal three different servers made (non-annoying) conversation about school, the Roquefort, the almond cake, and the book I was reading. I’m sure that had to do with how conspicuous I looked (sitting alone with some books and a camera) but I felt that the staff’s warmth went above and beyond. Continue reading

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The Proof Is Not in the Pudding: Husk-On Corn with Basil Honey Butter

Overambitious plans make for half-baked dinners. As a kid in the kitchen, I plotted baroque feasts that required hours of labor. Nearly 20 now, I finally understand economy of effort. Last Thursday, I avoided culinary disaster by accepting simplicity as the solution to an unapproachable recipe.

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