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Summer in the City: What to Put On a Bagel and Other Important Lessons About Life in New York

If you come to New York, you will eventually find yourself with a bagel-in-hand. This is an inevitability because 1) New York is absolutely full of bagel shops and delis that sell bagels and bakeries professing to bake bagels that actually bake round bread and 2) once you meet someone who has lived in New York for a time, he (it’s usually a he-Yorker who practices this kind of knowingly perverse behavior) will force you to eat bagels until you go diabetic.  Once you are sufficiently bagel-in-hand, a question of surprising significance arises: what should you put on a bagel? Continue reading

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Marathoning: Eating for Sustainable Energy

In my last Marathoning column, I shared my Columbia diet.

At dinner the night before an 18 mile run, a friend and fellow runner asked me, “what do you eat just before you run and what do you eat right after?” Ironically, we were at What Happens When chowing down on some decidedly non-runner friendly foods. (Sour cream tart, anyone?) I do my best, however, to eat for sustainable energy before and after running. Finding a mix of carbohydrates and protein that provide consistent fuel and maximal recovery is mission critical—the “before” goal is to make it through the run without fading, the “after” goal is to minimize soreness. Continue reading


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Top 5 Under $5 at 5: Columbia Edition

Eating out in college usually means eating on a budget. Every week, we’ll take a look at the best cheap eats around a different college—defining cheap eats as anything hovering under $5. Why $5? No particular reason—it’s an arbitrary value chosen for its easy convertibility into change and synergy with other “5’s”—a top 5 list published at 5 pm.

New York City presents unique challenges for student restaurant goers. High rents translate into magnified restaurant prices, making dining out on spare change especially difficult. For all the complaining (and shrill whining) about Morningside Heights, Columbia’s backyard hosts numerous student-friendly (and student-targeted) eateries. In fact, picking the best dishes under $5 was tough, what with all the famous(ly greasy) student food for sale. Continue reading


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Bruegger’s Bagels Make Studying Bearable

Joy D., Wellesley College

Sometimes, college students have to get off campus- this is especially true at Wellesley, where stress is rampant during midterm season. Personally, I like going somewhere within walking distance, and Bruegger’s bakery is the most convenient stop. Continue reading

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A Bagel to Finagle For

Josh B., University of Virginia

As a person of the Jewish faith more than acquainted with my religion’s brunch cuisine, I do not take the consumption of bagels lightly.  In fact, it took an entire semester last year before building up the courage to enter Bodo’s Bagels on the Corner and ordering a single everything bagel for 70 cents. I remember biting into that bagel and instantly regretting two things: waiting an entire semester to try Bodo’s…and only ordering one bagel. Continue reading

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