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Ajihei Rolls Up Princeton’s Best Sushi

Marc P., Princeton University

Take short walk north from the intersection of Nassau Street and Chambers and you’ll pass a sketchy stairwell leading down to a small sushi restaurant called Ajihei. Though it doesn’t seat many and the line was rather long, my dinner companions and I decided to try our chances and attempt to get one of the few tables that seats more than two. After a substantial wait, we were seated and treated to piping hot mugs of green tea.

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From Aldea to Laut: Making Sense of the Michelin Spectrum

At first, Aldea and Laut seem on equal footing: barely a block separates the two, and both received one star in the 2010 New York City Michelin Guide. Last Friday night, I ate at Laut, and last Saturday, at Aldea. If the little red book’s ratings prove accurate, then one star restaurants ought to revolve around a common axis of quality. Realistically, the Michelin Guide should not be expected to produce exact parity within star groups; after all, the resolution of a one to three star system is poor, resulting in a spectrum within each class. Theoretically, however, that spectrum should not range so wildly as to render predictions of quality from a restaurant’s star(s) meaningless.

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Boston: Anthony’s Pier 4

Sajan B., Boston University

Right on the Boston Harbor in the South End, near the Boston World Trade Center, Anthony’s Pier 4 has a great location. The outside of the building itself has a homey feeling and showcases the restaurant’s historical significance, since it has been around for almost 50 years. When you walk into the restaurant, the atmosphere changes. It’s obvious once you step into the building that the restaurant is upscale and elegant. The waiters dressed as sailors also intensify the fact that you are right on the harbor, looking out onto the ocean.

As most of the menu was seafood, which I happen to be allergic to, I ordered a simple Iceberg Wedge Salad. The salad was pretty great compared to the regular dining food that I eat, but the best part of it was definitely the ancho pepper dressing. My friends with me had the smoked salmon, fried calamari, and steamed clams. For dessert we ordered the strawberry cheesecake and the chocolate espresso cake. While the strawberry cheesecake was magnificent, the chocolate espresso cake was a little too rich. Just as the food was great, so was the service. Overall, compared to a typical college student meal, lunch at Anthony’s Pier 4 was a good time.

Anthony’s Pier 4
140 Northern Ave.
Boston, MA 02210

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Quick Questions for Columbia Grad Anita Lo

At Annisa, Columbia graduate Anita Lo serves internationally inspired food—from Japan to France—to a hip West Village crowd. After a devastating fire in 2009, Annisa reopened in April 2010 to critical acclaim. Awarded one star in the latest New York Michelin Guide, Annisa continues to dazzle foodies and their tolerant friends alike with playfully sophisticated dishes—seared foie gras with soup dumplings, pan roasted chicken with white truffle and pig feet, and miso marinated sable top Chef Lo’s greatest hits list. I asked Lo five (ish) quick questions and got five (ish) quick answers. Continue reading

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One Way to “Take Away” Hunger Pangs

Josh B., University of Virginia

Everyone loves a bit of gambling. Naturally, some gamble for the rush, while others only partake when the results are trivial. However, it seems paradoxical that so many people gamble given that “the house always wins.” Well, at Take it Away Sandwich Shop on the UVA Corner, people return because “the house always wins,”…and it’s no gamble.

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The Tower Rises Above Duke’s Other On Campus Eateries

Jack C., Duke University


Living on a college campus for months at a time, one quickly grows tired of the monotony of the same old dining choices. So understandably, when The Tower, Duke’s newest eatery, opened at the beginning of the school year, it was met with great excitement. For the first few weeks of its existence, The Tower was always packed during dinner. Now that the novelty has died down and The Tower has become just another of those same boring choices, I decided to compare how it stacks up to the other on-campus choices at Duke. Continue reading

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A Soup of Superiority: Le’s in Boston

Caleb P., New England Conservatory

As authentic Asian foods go in Boston, most purists would probably skip over the long list of greasy takeout joints and stir-fry deliveries catering to students looking for a quick fix. Even among the many sit-down Asian restaurants surrounding the campuses of BU and MIT, a plethora of options end up making the decision of where to eat harder, not easier. For an impressive performance in serving Vietnamese food, however, Le’s Vietnamese Cuisine in Allston serves an a satisfying and stomach-warming bowl of pho noodles for more than reasonable prices. Continue reading

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