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Seven Things To Eat In New York City Over Spring Break

With spring break looming over the horizon—for Columbia students, all mayhem commences tomorrow—I’ve received a number of queries along similar lines:

“I’m going to be in New York over spring break. Where should I eat?”  Continue reading


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Atonement at Sally’s Apizza

Although I do not fast on Yom Kippur, I still believe in having a big meal to finish off a day of reflection. Repenting builds a hearty appetite. Last Saturday, I was in New Haven visiting my brother and celebrating my dad’s birthday and atoning for my sins. For dinner, we decided on Sally’s Apizza. To beat the crowds, we started out for New Haven’s Little Italy at 5:30. Despite best laid plans, we found ourselves at the tail end of a line stretching down the block. Under ideal circumstances, I hate waiting for pizza. Pizza is a food group that comes with a promise: sustenance served fast. Nothing like a punishing wait for pizza after a day of atonement.

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Top 5 Under $5 at 5: Columbia Edition

Eating out in college usually means eating on a budget. Every week, we’ll take a look at the best cheap eats around a different college—defining cheap eats as anything hovering under $5. Why $5? No particular reason—it’s an arbitrary value chosen for its easy convertibility into change and synergy with other “5’s”—a top 5 list published at 5 pm.

New York City presents unique challenges for student restaurant goers. High rents translate into magnified restaurant prices, making dining out on spare change especially difficult. For all the complaining (and shrill whining) about Morningside Heights, Columbia’s backyard hosts numerous student-friendly (and student-targeted) eateries. In fact, picking the best dishes under $5 was tough, what with all the famous(ly greasy) student food for sale. Continue reading


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Top 5 Under-the-Radar Restaurants at University of Delaware


Erica C., University of Delaware

The food-scape that makes up Main Street has for generations allowed university students to have a wide variety of culinary genres at their finger tips.  But this proximity also poses problems for restaurants that find themselves slightly off the beaten path. Students become accustomed to hitting the same spots- Santa Fe Grill, Klondike Kates and Cucina de Napoli, and rarely jump in their cars and try to find something new.

Restaurants right up Kirkwood Highway and even down the block in the Newark Shopping Center often crave student attention- even though the fare is usually different, and in some cases way better than what we’ve become accustomed to on Main Street.

So next time you’re going out to dinner, check into some of these options and broaden your campus food horizons. Continue reading

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Crude Pizza: A Different Type of Oil Dependency

Caleb P., New England Conservatory

To a cash-strapped student in the Northeast, making each dollar stretch as far as possible evolves from a budgeting strategy into a daily bargain-hunting experience. In Boston, Cappy’s Pizza’s and Subs near the Back Bay Fens serves a competitive bargain to all students looking for a filling meal at a low price. With single slices of pizza larger than the size of one’s face, Cappy’s, as locals call it, definitely delivers the illusion of value, regardless of one’s lunch budget. Continue reading

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