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Sinfully Delicious Pancake Therapy

by Jonathan May

Clinton St. Baking Company is a haven for your taste buds located on the Lower East Side, where good conversation brews and sinfully delicious food soothes your soul. Its seating is comfortable enough that you and your friends can catch up on each other’s lives, and yet intimate enough that you can eavesdrop on the table next to you and find out the city’s latest scandalous gossips. It is imperative that you refuse the menu and demand the Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter as soon as you set foot in this luncheon hotspot, for it would be nothing but a crime to keep anyone from those pancakes for even one extra second. Continue reading

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Azúcar: Great Cuban Cuisine in Jersey City

by Marc Prablek, Princeton University

Princeton classes may have started, but my first article of the year comes to you from Jersey City, on the less popular end of the Holland Tunnel. Usually I limit my articles to the Princeton area, as they seem more pertinent to the student body, but besides the new Qdoba, there’s not much in the way of Latin cuisine near campus, and Jersey City is still within a reasonable driving distance of the campus. But most importantly, my family and I are on a neverending quest to find the best Cuban food in the country (outside of my mother’s), so when we heard about Azúcar, there was really no question about our dinner destination. Continue reading

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Pancho Café: A Cajun Fire Gone Cold

Zach Bell, Yale University

After reading a positive Yale Daily News review of Pancho Café, I decided to try the new Mexican-Cajun restaurant for dinner. The Cajun side of the menu intrigued me, as I had never eaten New Haven’s interpretation of Louisiana soul. I ordered guacamole and the creole chicken, to balance Mexican with Cajun.

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Tour de Hamdel: The Starr Report Edition

Tour de Hamdel two-ply.

Last time I wiped one more off the list: the Clinton. 

What I would like to discuss is how a roll of toilet paper changed my life. Continue reading


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Döner Kebab in Munich

by Melissa von Mayrhauser

Kraut shifts to kebab very suddenly in central Munich. Just south of the Hauptbahnhof on Goethestraße, biergartens disappear and small Turkish restaurants spring up in their place. These cafés offer the Döner Kebab—Turkish for “rotating spit”—a spicy lamb and yogurt burger. Continue reading

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Joseph Beuys Ate at Hearth

Zach Bell, Yale University

At Hearth, red felt hangings adorn the walls, softening noise and casting the restaurant in warm hues. Hearth transplants hearty Italian cuisine into the modern American kitchen, while trying to preserve the hospitality of the home. Even before I sat down to begin the meal, I noticed the walls. I found the felt curious, since other soundproofing materials would work just as well and more inconspicuously. The felt must have had some purpose beyond the practical.

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Tour de Hamdel: “It’s a Bad Sandwich, Stupid” Edition

An announcement of Tour de Hamdel candidacy.

Last time on the campaign trail: the Tuna Melt.

I watched PCU while running on the treadmill and don’t remember much besides George Clinton’s appearance at a Port Chester University kegger. If only parties at Columbia could hijack Parliament-Funkadelic for impromptu concerts. Alas, we’re stuck with a nightmare set of top 40 hits. After attending one too many Parties in the U.S.A., I swore off frat row. To revise, after suffering through one “Party in the U.S.A.” playlist, I abandoned the possibility of entertainment along 114th Street. Operation Ivy League turned a once greasy skeezing block into a ghost town. Tumbleweed substitutes for empty beer cases on the street corner; bustiered harlots no longer beckon from Campo’s swinging saloon doors. It’s a quiet semester at Columbia so far—we badly need Mr. Wiggles to make the Mothership Connection. We want George Clinton. Someone start a write-in campaign. Continue reading

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