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Cheeburger Opens With a Rocky Start

Erica C., University of Delaware

When Cheeburger Cheeburger first opened a few weeks ago after a nearly 9 month delay, anxious students were clamoring to get their first sips of milkshakes and bites of burger. But in my own first experience, this crowd wasn’t the only thing causing chaos at Cheeburger, which seemed discombobulated, disorganized and disinterested in serving customers in a quick and efficient manner. Continue reading

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Marathoning: The Columbia Diet

In my last Marathoning column, I wrote about pain and rotisserie chicken.

Every Friday, an “interesting” pseudo-celebrity—often a food professional—publishes their diet on Grub Street. This egoistic and strangely entertaining exercise in narcissism seemed like fun, so I decided to keep track of what I ate for a week. Currently, I’m about three weeks away from running the Fargo marathon; tomorrow, I plan on an 18 miler. Without further ado, my marathoning diet. Continue reading

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Warique Peruvian Kitchen Review

If you’re a Columbia student, it’s worthwhile to take a little walk down Amsterdam Avenue and visit Warique Peruvian Kitchen. Order half a rotisserie chicken—at $6, you won’t find a much better bang for your buck in Morningside Heights. The restaurant opened earlier this April, and hopefully it’ll survive the first few months of operation.

Check out my review of Warique Peruvian Kitchen for the Columbia Daily Spectator.

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Tour de Hamdel: Little Man Edition

Everything you always wanted to know about the Tour de Hamdel (but were afraid to ask).

Last time I tried the Tex-Mex.

When Fat Man detonated over Nagasaki at 11:02 am on August 9th, 1945, the world already knew the power of nuclear weapons—Little Boy had dropped on Hiroshima three days earlier, ushering in a new era: the nuclear age. After World War II, nuclear power was considered a viable, and in fact desirable, energy source; the United States government promoted the development of nuclear energy, at least until public opinion shifted dramatically. Over the past two years, negative public opinion towards nuclear power has decreased in intensity. Many American (did) consider nuclear power a pathway to a greener economy. Following Japan’s latest nuclear crisis, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster, public opinion has once again turned against the nuclear industry. History (namely the Three Mile Island incident) indicates that nuclear energy public opinion is “asymmetrically elastic”—negative opinions about nuclear energy are more lasting and more difficult to change than positive ones. But I have a solution for the nuclear industry: feed consumers Hamdel’s nuclear weapon, the Fat Boy. Continue reading

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Espresso Expeditions: More Good Coffee in the LES

Lorenzo L., Columbia University

Don’t remember me? Read the intro to this recurring segment.

It has been a while since last documenting my caffeinated wanderings, but I return from a far distant urban jungle bearing the good news of carefully crafted warm beverages. One of my favorite Manhattan neighborhoods (if I’m allowed to have favorite neighborhoods as a mere college student?) is the Bowery, and I try to get down around East 4th whenever I can. The narrow region is eclectic, diverse, and very alive, a place where trendy and workaday can sit side by side, with awesomeness squeezed in between. But recently I have been venturing further east into the similarly charming Lower East Side, and have been rewarded by spots with espresso enthusiasts ranging from the friendly to the fanatical (or both!). Continue reading

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Balthazar’s Confit Is Sinfully Delicious

Jonathan M., Dartmouth College

For the last edition of Sinfully Delicious, click here.

Balthazar—a popular restaurant in SoHo that elicits the attention of many connoisseurs and celebrities—offers an intimate setting in which guests interact with one another, whether they’re sitting with each other or next to each other (and eavesdropping on some really interesting conversations). Of the multitude of delicacies that this restaurant presents to its guests, I have picked one that is truly sinfully delicious to share with you: Continue reading

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Chifa, Philadelphia Makes Great Food for a Great Deal

Erica C., University of Delaware

I wrote a few weeks ago about how I never venture into Philly— like I promised at the end of that column, I’ve begun to do it more often. Case and point—my trip on Monday took me to not one but two eateries I’ve been dying to try.  Chifa, the Latin/ Asian fusion restaurant in the Jose Garces family of restaurants, and then the simple but delicious Sugar Philly food truck. Continue reading

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