Lime Leaf Uptown Shuts Down

The outpost of Lime Leaf located at 108th Street and Broadway has closed its doors forever. My Upper West reports that the 72nd Street and Broadway location remains open for business.

Despite its proximity to campus, Lime Leaf, a Thai restaurant purporting to also serve “Continental cuisine,” failed to attract a student following. Instead, its faux fancy interior and comparatively high prices (in relation to its numerous neighborhood competitors) drove off hesitant Columbians. On an average weeknight, the restaurant languished half-full, serving half-stale baskets of shrimp chips to those brave enough to wander in for a passable curry.

With so many other admirable Thai options in the area—Sookk one of the best (between 103rd and 102nd streets on Broadway)—students will likely not miss Lime Leaf.

[via My Upper West]

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