Quick and Cheap Food: It Takes a Thai Village

Marc P., Princeton University

On Nassau Street, east of the Garden Theater and due north from Cloister lies a cluster of three restaurants, one of which is named Thai Village. The restaurant itself is  unassuming, and the décor is  what we’ve come to expect from Asian restaurants on this side of the Pacific. In any case, I was impressed by the wide variety of dishes available on the menu, from curries to noodles to rice dishes all combined with assorted meats. I wasn’t feeling particularly adventurous, however, and I opted for the Pad Thai with an appetizer of spring rolls.

Though they came quickly, I wasn’t a fan of the spring rolls. They were a tad greasy and the cabbage inside tasted  strange. They were fairly small, too, so I wasn’t overly satisfied with them. Thankfully, the entrée, which was much better, came about ten minutes later. It was hot, well spiced, and the chicken and noodles were both tender.

Although the entrée was vastly better than the appetizer, I do have to give the kitchen credit for getting our food to us so quickly. I think we had our food in front of us a mere fifteen minutes after ordering. The food was also very cheaply priced, so all things considered, Thai Village seems best suited for a quick, cheap meal out, where you’re expecting food of solid quality.

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