Love Letter in a Lecture Hall

I don’t write very much poetry, and I don’t publish most of it here (The Donut Shop, Natchez, Mississippi to the contrary). Wednesday night, I was sitting in my U.S. Intellectual History 1865-Present lecture, listening to a talk about James Baldwin and company, when I felt inspired to jot down a quick poem. Its tangential commitment to food makes it appropriate for this website (which I suspect will be publishing more content with no relationship to food whatsoever soon).

Love Letter in a Lecture Hall

she smelled like tandoor and buttered nan
thick curry, chaat, chutney, paneer

[in electric lecture halls
the press of flesh and coffee cups make
mapping scent
like finding fiends in cham cham clouds]

she held a blue Bic and I loved it
Dear Blake, she wrote, her face obscured
behind my blinkers,
stewed love in secret pots.

Love told can be
scratched out before
the pumping pause of hearts unhinged.

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  1. This makes me smile, and want Indian food! Thank you

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