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Happy Beef Noodles

Jonathan May, Dartmouth College

Having learned of my passion for food, my new friend asked for my thoughts on the best restaurants in New York City, where I reside. At the time, I was unable to give a definite answer, and my friend was baffled by my inability to do so. As a college student, I am a foodie on a limited budget. I am not fortunate enough to have the kind of wealth that allows me to experience world-renowned establishments like those in Columbus Circle. Without having tried enough restaurants, expensive or affordable, I was uncomfortable giving a hardly thorough opinion that ought to represent my vision and taste. However, I do believe that not all good food is expensive. I know for a fact that there exist hidden gems that offer superior flavor, creativity, effort and sincerity at affordable prices. It is discovering these establishments and sharing them with my friends and audience that continually drives my passion for food writing.

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Sinfully Delicious Pancake Therapy

by Jonathan May

Clinton St. Baking Company is a haven for your taste buds located on the Lower East Side, where good conversation brews and sinfully delicious food soothes your soul. Its seating is comfortable enough that you and your friends can catch up on each other’s lives, and yet intimate enough that you can eavesdrop on the table next to you and find out the city’s latest scandalous gossips. It is imperative that you refuse the menu and demand the Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter as soon as you set foot in this luncheon hotspot, for it would be nothing but a crime to keep anyone from those pancakes for even one extra second. Continue reading

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Sinfully Delicious: Macaron D-Day

Macaron- a popular French delicate cookie made of egg whites, sugar and ground almond.

For clarity, I have drawn a diagram to illustrate the two terms that I will use to refer the parts of the macaron in the contents below.

Ever since the day my kindhearted friend brought me macarons of flavors I specified from a patisserie in Paris that I directed her to visit, traces of these sinfully delicious treats have lingered in my palate. Macaron Day (, an event in which many prominent bakeries located in NYC give their customers complimentary macarons for free, was an opportunity too incredible to pass on for me to rediscover this impeccable taste that has been haunting me in my dreams.

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Balthazar’s Confit Is Sinfully Delicious

Jonathan M., Dartmouth College

For the last edition of Sinfully Delicious, click here.

Balthazar—a popular restaurant in SoHo that elicits the attention of many connoisseurs and celebrities—offers an intimate setting in which guests interact with one another, whether they’re sitting with each other or next to each other (and eavesdropping on some really interesting conversations). Of the multitude of delicacies that this restaurant presents to its guests, I have picked one that is truly sinfully delicious to share with you: Continue reading

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Fries: Step Aside Burgers, I’m the Main Event

Jonathan M., Dartmouth College

Fries, when properly prepared, are sinfully delicious; when not, disastrous. On stressful days ridden with copious exams and papers, I have a good excuse for treating myself to this comfort food, and the fries I purchase must be nothing short of perfection. If I am going to treat myself to some comfort food that is going to be “one moment on the lips and forever in the hips,” as my friend Fischer Yan once wisely said, it ought to be good; otherwise it would be nothing but empty calories! With this serious dilemma of finding the perfect fries on Dartmouth campus, I set out on my search and evaluated every fry each dining hall had to offer. Continue reading


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