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The Tower Rises Above Duke’s Other On Campus Eateries

Jack C., Duke University


Living on a college campus for months at a time, one quickly grows tired of the monotony of the same old dining choices. So understandably, when The Tower, Duke’s newest eatery, opened at the beginning of the school year, it was met with great excitement. For the first few weeks of its existence, The Tower was always packed during dinner. Now that the novelty has died down and The Tower has become just another of those same boring choices, I decided to compare how it stacks up to the other on-campus choices at Duke. Continue reading

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Only an Ordinary Burger, Nothing More

For me, a white truck selling food can mean only one thing: ice cream. Perhaps this nostalgia for my childhood leaves me a little skeptical of food trucks which abandon the cold treats and cheesy tunes for more adult fare. Whatever my own personal reservations on the subject, it is clear that many college students do not feel the same way, as increasing numbers of food trucks are springing up around college campuses. In particular, OnlyBurger, a popular food truck in Durham, North Carolina and at Duke, has taken the idea and run with it. Continue reading

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