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Döner Kebab in Munich

by Melissa von Mayrhauser

Kraut shifts to kebab very suddenly in central Munich. Just south of the Hauptbahnhof on Goethestraße, biergartens disappear and small Turkish restaurants spring up in their place. These cafés offer the Döner Kebab—Turkish for “rotating spit”—a spicy lamb and yogurt burger. Continue reading

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A Brief Dictionary of German Pastry

by Melissa von Mayrhauser, Columbia University

Everyday during our first break from German classes, my friends and I would escape grammatical structures in favor of a sweet haven, following the scent of strudel and Schnecken to the corner Bäckerei. Lounging on its apple red booths until our 20 minutes had passed, we snacked on sugary treats from all corners of Deutschland and held a pastry marathon to see if we could indulge in each delicacy before the final day of our course. We found that there’s more to German pastries than the average Bretzel. Continue reading


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