Ladies and gentlemen… The Chocolate Room

Zach B., Yale University

This is why I love Spain:

The Spanish know how to serve chocolate the right way. Chocolate does not need to be shaved or whipped or drizzled. Chocolate should be served in a plain white ceramic mug, with crispy extrusions of fried dough to dip.

In such a simplistic manner, Chocolateria San Gines in Madrid serves churros and chocolate, the perfect end to a night of tapas. Presented warm, the chocolate smells rich and thick, exactly how it tastes dripping off of the light churro.

Sometimes I do not want a fancy bon bon, or a beautiful confectionary sculpture… all I want is some chocolate in a cup. This is why I love Spain. When my brother and I walked into Chocolateria San Gines, no waiter offered a menu with 27 varieties of chocolate. We sat down at a small white table with a metal napkin dispenser, and watched as two cups of syrupy, chocolately goodness appeared in front of us with a plate of fried churros. This is why I love Spain: we knew what we wanted and they knew why we had come.

“Dos?” he asked.

“Por favor. Gracias,” I replied in my heavy American accent.

End of transaction. Commence eating.

I entered a new realm of experience. Distractions melted away and I found myself with only churros and chocolate to occupy my thoughts. No thoughts of tonight, tomorrow night, coming home, or college. I experienced the moment fully and completely. Although I must leave Spain eventually, I truly had an experience, and that will never leave me.

— Through the lens of the Ocular Omnivore

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  1. The Ultimate Ulcer

    *sigh*! I love this post. I’m so glad you had such a great experience. And I LOVE love LOVE the pictures. Try to have fun and put any nagging thoughts out of your head! Remove yourself from your own mind for a while…if that makes any sense. I miss you!

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