Calamari and Convenience

Joy D., Wellesley College
At first, I avoided the Lulu, because as the self-named center of campus life, the Lulu Wang Campus Center also served as the center of Orientation life. Why do I go to the Lulu now then? It’s close to the Academic Quad. After exploring the other dining halls, first-years at Wellesley College realize that students pack into the Lulu during lunch hour for convenience.

The longest lines develop at the noodle bowl station, serving a generic type of Asian noodle with vegetables and chicken, fried tofu, calamari, beef, or salmon, topped with either spicy coconut curry or pho vegetable broth. Hungry students congregate around the homestyle dinner station too, offering everything from curry chicken and rice to turkey with mashed potatoes, and veggies are available from the salad bar across the aisle.

Of course, college students must meet their daily requirements of grease somehow, and for Wellesley students that means the other side of the Lulu.  Three types of pizza every day- for a safe choice, I’d go for the cheese. If I crave meat, there’s probably a sausage or pepperoni pizza. The mystery pizza is for when I’m feeling ambitious, with toppings like chicken Caesar salad and roasted mushrooms with balsamic vinegar. Tip: stay away from the Oreo pizza.

And there is basic cafeteria fare as well- a hamburger, hotdog, turkey burger, or a veggie burger with a side of regular or sweet potato fries. Although the Lulu has a sandwich bar with a panini press, a salad bar with couscous, and a PB&J stand, nothing is especially exciting except the dessert stand. Brownies, cookies, and a little creativity go a long way here. Pumpkin pie tastes good as is, but why not top it off whipped cream and some sprinkles? Girls scoop ice cream between cookies, ice cream on top of brownies, and even ice cream into a soda cup for a float. Students don’t line up- they crowd around the ice cream.

Besides convenience, the quality of food at the Lulu contributes to crowdedness. The Lulu’s food is good enough for us students, good enough for the professors who bring their children, and good enough for the people of the Wellesley Center who come for business meetings. Unfortunately, no take-out is allowed. Now, that would really be convenient.

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