Windsor Gives Purdue Dining International Flair

Ronit P., Purdue University

The adventurous are those who step out of their comfort zone. Eating should be about adventure. People can’t truly judge food unless they venture into the culinary unknown. Enter Windsor – the most underrated dining court on Purdue’s campus.

Windsor gained notoriety for serving an eclectic variety of foods which never fail to turn heads. Most naysayers shoot the court down because it serves a wide variety of international and vegetarian delicacies. Apart from its trademark international cuisine, however, Windsor also serves local foods like fries and burgers; this aspect is  overlooked by most students.

The mosaic of food available always makes trips to Windsor  exciting. The “Soho International Market” station cranks out global recipes daily.  Its theme ranges from African to South American to Mediterranean to Asian. The Greek cuisine is particularly well made. The spanakopitos and falafals instantaneously satisfy hungry boilermakers. The well spiced Arabic lamb served at “The Soho” station also deserves special mention. Though they are sometimes overcooked and too oily, on the whole, the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes surpass student expectations.

The occasional Indian food served at this station is usually subpar because it is either too salty or too bland. Moreover, the naan is always stale and ready-made, so it never captures the essence of this heavenly bread. Yet, the staple African food served wins over most students. Ranging from African Akara to rice dishes to well-flavored meat, the dishes enamor one and all. The food tends to be a tad dry, but this can be fixed through soup or a dairy drink to complement the entrée.

Windsor also houses the “Portobello Road-Vegetarian”—heaven for veggie lovers and hell for carnivores. This station caters only to vegetarian tastes, but as the only such station at Purdue it commands respect from most students. Its veggie pizzas are prepared with toppings ranging from avocado to pineapples. The pizza crust is quite crunchy and complements the cheese. The other mainstays at this station are veggie quesadillas and tofu dishes. Though tofu is not very popular in Indiana food circles, these dishes usually pass above average.

For those looking for reminders of home-cooked food, “Dinner Regent Grill” provides a trip back to childhood. The grill serves archetypal American food ranging from “Macaroni and Grill” to sausage to burgers.  The grilled tilapia, steak, and the juicy pork ribs also attract several hungry “Boilers.” Since this grill mostly draws culinary conservatives, it makes Windsor the most well-rounded dining court on campus.

To finish a trip to Windsor, many students pick up sweets at the dessert station, which overflows with dishes ranging from cheesecake to éclairs. In particular, the éclairs always top off a great Windsor meal. The occasional puddings are extremely saccharine, so students with a sweet tooth will rarely be disappointed.

Students flock to Windsor in search of culinary excitement. As the most well rounded diner on the Purdue campus, Windsor has won the hearts of many students and is definitely the best dining court on campus. Are you adventurous enough to try it?

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