A Wellesley Tradition

Joy D., Wellesley College

Lemon Thai is not on the list of “50 Things to Do Before You Graduate”, but that’s only because you don’t have to try to get Lemon Thai take-out; it will inevitably come to you. This may be shocking news, but sometimes a college student gets hungry after 10pm. Sometimes, she gets tired of dining hall food, and sometimes, she just craves take-out. Whether it is an evening meeting, a party, or a late night in general, after the halls close Wellesley students know the number to call.

Lemon Thai is well-loved for their delivery service and excellent food. Our Student Bursar called them up to feed Pad Thai and Bangkok fried rice to her committee during a five hour meeting. So at 7:15pm, huge trays of Crab Rangoon, noodles, rice, lime wedges, and bean sprouts came to our door. As the committee formed a line for the food, we could smell the sweet but mildly spicy aroma from across the room. The Pad Thai noodles were well-cooked, possessing a melt-in-your-mouth texture and full flavors. But my favorite part was the Crab Rangoon. Perfectly stuffed with the sweet cream-cheese and crab filling, it was fried perfection. This restaurant sets a new standard of Thai cuisine at a price reasonable for any college student to enjoy.

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