Warique Peruvian Kitchen Coming to Morningside

Where Noche Mexicana once entertained students with well-crafted Mexican fare, Warique Peruvian Kitchen is opening My Upperwest reports. Never fear—Noche Mexicana moved to 101st and Amsterdam, and Warique will take over its former space between 101st and 102nd. Currently, interior construction work is being done to ready the restaurant for business.  Virtually no information has been released regarding the menu, but look forward to traditional Peruvian dishes like aji de gallina (a milky, spicy chicken stew), ceviche, and papa rellena (stuffed potatoes). Roasted guinea pig (cuy) will probably not make an appearance. [via My Upperwest]


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  1. Mayra

    Just finished eating a great dinner at Warique. We receive friendly and fast service. The owner himself made sure we were taken cared of. The food was delicious and for a great low price. We had the chinese style fried rice with chicken and the Lomo Saltado. I would definitely recommend this place for either a lunch break, dinner date or for a family meal. The restaurant has 2 sides, one classy and the other take out. A must place to dine at.

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