On Amsterdam: Nikko Opening, Bagutta Closed

Sneaky summer openings and closings:

Heading back to Broadway from 125th Street, I walked up Amsterdam Avenue and spotted construction on a new restaurant: Nikko. The sign reads “Hibachi Asian Fusion,” so expect a pan-Asian menu in the worst sense of the term—an unfocused mess of dishes from China, Japan, and every country in-between. Located at 123rd and Amsterdam (if my hastily scribbled notes are accurate), Nikko is unlikely to attract a Columbia crowd.

One of Morningside’s many coffee shops looks closed. Café Bagutta’s windows have been sprayed with white paint, a reasonably sure sign that the operation has moved along. This shut-down doesn’t surprise me—Bagutta’s food and brew both dipped below average once Joe opened a few blocks away.


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6 responses to “On Amsterdam: Nikko Opening, Bagutta Closed

  1. Alex

    Went to Nikko last night and it was delicious. Great sushi, great atmosphere, nice staff. Two thumbs up from my friend and I, will be reccomending to other Coumbia students =)

  2. marioninnycs

    Fine! As a non-Columbia resident of the neighborhood, I have no problem with people making all the wrong assumptions about Nikko’s. You’ve probably never been to Flushing either.

    • having read the menu approximately 4 weeks ago, I can safely say that it was just as bizarre and discombobulated as I originally predicted.

      I have been to Flushing?

      • Nikko may have a discombobulated menu, but it works. I just ate dinner there this evening and can recommend the Thai dishes, in particular. It’s definitely a big step up from the usual (middle- to low-brow) Asian food in the neighborhood. Oh, and the restaurant critics I read regularly usually pass judgment on the actual food, not just a scan of the menu! Give the place a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

      • I wrote this post like 3 months ago. . .and didn’t pass any judgment then. All I said then, before eating there, was “expect [EXPECT] a pan-Asian menu in the worst sense of the term—an unfocused mess of dishes from China, Japan, and every country in-between.” Which you agree is true. . .

  3. Alisa

    I recently went to Nikko and thought the food and service were excellent. The dishes were delicious. In particular, the vegetables in the dishes we ordered were varied (fresh mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, red and green peppers, onions) and fresh! This is not typical for most Asian restaurants in the Columbia neighborhood like Ollie’s. In addition, the food was not greasy.

    The staff was extremely friendly and I really hope that others try this restaurant. Despite the varied menu, the Chinese and Thai dishes my friends and I had were tasty and we will definitely be returning!

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