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Over the next several weeks, I’ll be producing a series of short videos for Alimentum. My brother, a more artistically inclined individual than myself, will handle the videography and editing. I’ll take care of the writing. To boost our production value, we bought a new camera and boom microphone. Here’s a sample we shot of barbecuing at home—we wanted to test out the camera and practice putting clips together in a coherent fashion:

My hot maple corn experiment didn’t turn out as expected—the syrup and cayenne pepper imparted little flavor to the corn, because they failed to percolate through the inner husks. Instead of grilling the corn with the other ingredients, try making a buttery spread for the table.

Hot Maple Corn:

4 ears of corn

6 tbsp butter

4 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp cayenne pepper

1 tbsp salt

4 sheets 1′ x 1′ tin foil

Cut off the silky end of the corn. Peel off the tough outer layers of husk. Wrap in tinfoil. Cook on a smoky grill at 225° F until tender, at least an hour. Once done, remove from the grill and carefully take off the foil.

Soften butter in a microwave. Add syrup, pepper, and salt. Using a whisk, beat the butter and seasonings until completely combined and fluffy. Spread on the corn.

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