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Salt and Hash Journey to Sunset Park

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Salt and Hash Journey to Hoboken Video

Check it out:

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Salt and Hash Williamsburg Video

Companion to my journey to Hasidic Williamsburg.

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Pics or it Didn’t Happen: Chocolate Pie

Zach Bell, Yale University

One year ago, my Mom requested a chocolate pie for her birthday. This year, she wanted a repeat performance. I used the same recipe (although with a pastry crust instead of graham cracker), but the process went much more smoothly this time. After a year more of baking experience, I whisked the  custard with ease and confidence, trusting in the process. Check out chocolate pie 2.0:

Also, check out this “how-to” video on whipped cream:


In the end, practice is key to a polished pie.

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Smoked Pork Shoulder, Skillet Cornbread, Cauliflower

Sunday morning, we rubbed down a pork shoulder, started a fire, and let smoke slowly coax meat into submission. With all afternoon to while away (over Scrabble games, teen garden party supervision, and other such petit-bougie tasks), we prepared a skillet cornbread (complete with sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms on the top) and steamed a head of cauliflower. When dinner takes all day, anticipation reaches a breaking point. As the carving knife slid through bark and smoke ring and collagenous flesh, I could barely contain my appetite. In this video, we demonstrate how to make Sunday dinner last from morning till night, no sweat necessary.

Look for our short documentary, In the Most Unlikely Places: Eating Somewhere South, coming soon to a computer near you.

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The College Critic On Youtube: Hot Maple Corn

Check out our new Youtube channel here!

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be producing a series of short videos for Alimentum. My brother, a more artistically inclined individual than myself, will handle the videography and editing. I’ll take care of the writing. To boost our production value, we bought a new camera and boom microphone. Here’s a sample we shot of barbecuing at home—we wanted to test out the camera and practice putting clips together in a coherent fashion:

My hot maple corn experiment didn’t turn out as expected—the syrup and cayenne pepper imparted little flavor to the corn, because they failed to percolate through the inner husks. Instead of grilling the corn with the other ingredients, try making a buttery spread for the table.

Hot Maple Corn: Continue reading

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